David Lashar

Libertarian for Governor

Looking for an alternative to the Democrats & Republicans?

Seeking relief from life-long politicians & self-righteous elites?

Ready to make a difference in 2022?

Welcome to our campaign… we’re tolerant & responsible, just like you!

Principled leadership for all Marylanders

The Libertarian Party (LP) is the only party that is formally dedicated to a simple yet powerful principle.

Which is:  Rejection of the initiation of force to achieve personal, political & social objectives.

Which means:  Respect, decency & civility toward all. No bullying. No mobbing. No coercing. And no riots or insurrections, either.

Our team for a better Maryland

David Lashar & Christiana Logansmith are your Libertarian Party candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor of Maryland. David & Christiana bring experience & accomplishment from both private business & public service.

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Our ideas for a better Maryland

David & Christiana bring ideas for promoting liberty, justice & prosperity… all three of those social imperatives… for all Marylanders.

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Your chance at a better Maryland

This election, you can make a difference by following and supporting our campaign. Post a yard sign. Host a gathering.  Share our message. Make a donation.

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Is this democracy?

In this open letter to Maryland’s news outlets… notably including MPT as a publicly funded platform… David speaks to the nature of democracy and the duties of journalism. He reminds that voters are saying in poll after poll that they want to hear from third parties. He calls upon the media to honor their avowed missions and professional ethics.

Hypocrisy, not Democracy

Unsettled but unsurprised by President Joe Biden’s speech, Soul of our Nation, David shares his reaction, emphasizing the hypocrisy of Biden and the Democratic Party in proclaiming themselves the true and sole bastions of democracy in America.

My Gold Plan for a Green Future

In this statement, David reviews the science, coming to conclusion that while climate changes does indeed pose a formidable challenge, we need to avoid panic if we are to arrive at policies that are sustainable and successful over the medium to long term. David shares his own plan for making the Bay cleaner and moving into a de-carbonized future.

Are you ready to vote different?  And make a difference?

Be the Change!

The Established Parties. The politicians from the Democratic & Republican parties are devoted to fighting one another… instead of serving the all of us.

The Privileged Elites. The professors on campus and the voices in the media righteously denounce our institutions and history… instead of acknowledging our country’s slow-but-steady progress in liberty, justice & prosperity for all people across the decades and generations.

Our True Needs. We need decency & service from our elected officials. We need perspective & humility from our elites.  We need reliable & sustainable progress toward a more perfect union.

Your Opportunity. If you agree, give your support to David & Christiana as they offer a different & better way forward… a genuinely inclusive way forward… as compared to that which the modern Democratic & Republican parties are offering.

Our Call to Action. This election, vote different. Make a difference. Be the change toward a tolerant & responsible future for us all.