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Authority:  Citizens for Lashar.

Treasurer:  Robert Johnston.

Campaign Finance Rules

Tax Status.  Contributions to Citizens for Lashar are not tax deductible.

Donation Limits.  The maximum amount an individual, PAC (state or federal), association, corporation or other business entity can contribute is $6,000 in the current four-year election cycle (January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2022).  Please note that there is no aggregate limit on the amount a given contributor can give across multiple Maryland campaign finance entities.

Business Entities.  Two or more business entities that are at least 80% owned or controlled by the same business entity, person, or group of persons are subject to a single $6,000 contribution limit per Md. Elect. Law Art. § 13-226; COMAR

Foreign Nationals.  Contributions in any amount from foreign nationals (non-U.S. Citizen, not a “Green Card” holder) are prohibited.

Reporting Requirements. Maryland law requires us to collect and report the name and address of each contributor, as well as the employer and occupation of each individual whose aggregate contributions equal $500 or more in the four-year state election cycle.