Hypocrisy, not Democracy

Sep 3, 2022

Hypocrisy, not Democracy

A response by David Lashar to President Joe Biden’s speech, Soul of our Nation

Well, Mr. President, it’s actually a constitutional democracy in which we live. Standards that you apply to the the Republican Party, you need to apply to your Democratic Party too.

Also to yourself. And so…

In what respect was your unilateral cancelation of student debt an example of heeding the Constitution and abiding by the rule of law? How is skirting the Congress in order to get your own way an example of democracy as envisioned and framed by the Founders at Independence Hall?

And how do you reconcile your denunciations of MAGA voters as semi-fascists who pose existential threat to our (constitutional) democracy with your Democratic Party’s spend of $1M to $3M to promote and boost the MAGA candidate, Dan Cox, here in Maryland during the July primaries? Is THAT your idea of democracy? Of taking the high road?

Moreover, what about the dreadfully gerrymandered maps that your Democratic Party in the Maryland General Assembly tried to impose on our state’s citizens earlier this year, just like the Republicans in places like Wisconsin? Is THAT the way to save democracy? Is that your high road?

No, of course not. Rather, it’s cynical partisanship by your own Democratic Party as it strives to rule unrestrained and unaccountable over those not from your party. It’s demonstration that your own political methods are not any different than the political methods of those whom you denounce. All of which makes your speech about democracy while standing before Independence Hall nothing but a divisive exercise in hypocrisy.

For those who are not familiar with me and might be suspecting that I am making a defense of Trumpism, please let me be clear: I left the GOP in early 2017 due to the rise of Trump, whom I quickly and accurately recognized as a severe narcissist who was taking advantage of others and building a cult of personality. I accept the results of the 2020 elections. I regard January 6 to have been an insurrection. So, I am not defending Trump.

But unlike Joe Biden and our cultural elites, I did not and do not condemn Trump’s followers. Instead, I try to understand their fears and pains. I try to engage and educate. I try to offer solutions. I try to bring them my way, which I believe to be a better way. I try to be unifying.

So, if you want escape from hypocrisy, vote different. Lashar & Logansmith for a better Maryland for ALL, regardless of race, gender, sexuality… or politics.

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