Vote different. Make a difference.


Call to Action

How can you make a difference?

Besides casting your ballot for David & Christiana on election day, you can make a difference by raising awareness of their campaign & advocating for an inclusive democracy that offers meaningful choice in the media, on the debate stage, and in the voting booth…

Support us on social media

For the Ds and the Rs, it is money that is the fuel to their campaigns.

For the Libertarian Party, it is principles and ideas.

To help us get our message out, please follow and like us on social media:

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t encourage a donation as well! smile

Request a yard sign

Yes, of course we have lawn signs!  Especially if you live on a busy street… or you have a location for a large 4′ x 8′ sign… please let us know.

Host a gathering

Yes, please do invite us to meet with your church, civic organization, or gathering of friends.  

Arrange a coffee klatch.  Or a happy hour.  

We prefer real-world meetings to social-media postings, so please do drop a note to let us know your ideas!

Change your party registration

Unless you are devoted to the Ds or the Rs, please do consider registering your affiliation with the Libertarian Party (LP) instead of simply remaining independent.

When you select the LP, you help to ensure that it is more than the Ds and the Rs who appear on the ballot every two years.  

 To change your party affiliation you can use Maryland’s Online Voter Registration System (OLVR) or submit a new voter registration application or a signed written request to your local board of elections. The deadline to change your party affiliation is:

  • Tuesday, June 7, 2022 for the Gubernatorial Primary.
  • Tuesday, October 18, 2022 for the Gubernatorial General Election.
Attend a campaign event

Want us to notify of you of our upcoming events?  Please just let us know either by sending an email at or by submitting a note below on this page.

Tell pollsters to include third parties

Forty percent of Americans are independents.  Sixty percent feel that they are no longer receiving representative government from their elected officials (Gallup).

And yet, pollsters continue to ask only about candidates from the two established parties with which so many voters are dissatisfied.

If polled, make sure they are asking about third parties.  And tell them that you’re supporting Lashar & Logansmith for all Marylanders in 2022!

Tell media to cover third parties

Reading a piece or watching a bit but the writers or hosts neglected to mention the options on the ballot besides the Ds and Rs?

Then let them know!  Doing so in civil manner and encouraging them to cover or invite the Lashar for Governor campaign in their upcoming work.

Tell civic groups to include third parties in forums & debates

Is your neighborhood group or civic organization hosting a candidate forum?  Then, make sure they include the Libertarian Partie candidates who will be on the ballot in 2022.

To a distressing extent, those who most righteously declare themselves the civic guardians of our democracy are the ones who are most contented while giving only the Ds and the Rs the opportunity to reach voters through their platforms and events.

Should we find them doing so again, let’s call them out in civil tones, encouraging them to remain true to their values and missions.

Now is the TIME

Be the change!

Want to make a difference? Be proud of your vote?

This election, you can. Contact our  campaign (below) to help.  Make a donation (here) to get our message out. And cast your vote different (on Nov. 8, 2022).

As they say:  What is the definition of insanity?

It is:  Doing the same thing over & over while expecting different outcomes. Like voting for Democrats & Republicans each election while expecting civil, accountable, and effective government.

So, unless you’re happy with what you’re getting from the two major parties… isn’t it time that you became a force for change?


Want change?
Join along!