Learn More about David’s Ideas for Maryland

Aug 4, 2022

Want to learn more about David’s ideas for bringing about a better Maryland for us all? This page provides links to a range of content. The links will allow you to read, hear, and watch that which is most important and interesting to you!

Also, please remember that our Issues & Ideas page provides our positions on the issues that we are hearing Marylanders to care about most when deciding whom to support for Maryland’s next Governor.


News and statements

  1. A statement from Gov. Larry Hogan that David brings relevant experience and deserves consideration as a third-party candidate, given the inexperience of Wes Moore and Dan Cox.
  2. A synopsis of the gubernatorial forum hosted by League of Women Voters as published in a leading online political outlet, Maryland Matters. (See below for link to the forum itself.)
  3. A report in Maryland Matters on how David can overtake Dan Cox and thereby put a nail in the coffin of overly divisive and overly theatrical Trumpism.
  4. Support from Lt. Governor, Boyd Rutherford, on WBAL Radio (Torrey & Dan Show on 9/8/22 at 39:20), saying that he likes what David has to say as compared to what Wes Moore and Dan Cox have to say.
  5. A segment on DC local news, introducing David to viewers and voters.
  6. An endorsement from The Duckpin, stating that “Once you start to look at Dan Cox and Wes Moore, you realize that neither of them is fit to serve as Maryland’s Governor.”
  7. A statement by leading American socialist, Jerome Segal, speaking to David’s character and persona as being fit for our times. (Jerome founded the Bread & Roses political party and is the sole declared challenger (as of late August 2022) to Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination for President.)
  8. David’s personal profile along with data and comments on third parties in The Baltimore Banner.
  9. A succinct summary of who David is, appearing about midway in a Maryland Matters article about winners and losers from the July primaries.
  10. An op-ed in The Baltimore Banner describing the lack of experience of Wes Moore and Dan Cox and citing David as “perhaps the most qualified for executive leadership.”
  11. David’s statement of his first 100 days in Maryland Matters.
  12. David’s affirmation of support on Facebook in the wake of Dobbs (overturning Roe vs Wade) for women to make the moral decision about pregnancy consistent with Maryland law the last several decades.
  13. David’s reminder on Facebook that inflation is purple, with both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party complicit.
  14. David’s Libertarian Black Agenda, written in response to the call from the Maryland Black Caucus Foundation in October of 2021.
  15. David’s personal journey to the Libertarian Party, explaining his departure from the Republican Party and expressing his critique of the Democratic Party.
  16. An op-ed by David in The Capital Gazette about the importance of principle in political parties.
  17. An op-ed by David in Maryland Matters about how information technology ought to be organized in Maryland government.
  18. A 2018 article from Maryland Matters, when David was running for Congress,  on his unconventional path to politics.

Videos on YouTube

  1. The gubernatorial forum hosted by League of Women Voters and others, in which David was one of the four candidates to participate. (As usual for this election, Wes Moore declined to put himself forward for questions and scrutiny.)
  2. An interview on MPT’s State Circle show, discussing a handful of key issues in a nine-minute segment (starting at the 12:50 mark of the video).
  3. David’s ideas for improving Maryland education at a gubernatorial forum.
  4. The campaign’s playlist of ads.
  5. A set of two-minute videos with David speaking on broad social & political topics.
  6. A playlist of conversations with the great Thomas Sowell, to whom David wanted to introduce you, in case you don’t already know him.

Interviews and questionnaires

  1. A wide-ranging interview of David and Christiana with the Maryland State Bar Association.
  2. Responses to the Vote 411 questionnaire from League of Women Voters. (Enter your address, then look at the Gov / Lt Gov race.)
  3. A playlist of interviews with David on YouTube.
  4. An interview on the Torrey & Dan show on WBAL radio, here on YT and here on FB.
  5. An interview on Tom Hall’s Midday show on YPR radio.
  6. podcast conversation about libertarianism vs socialism with Jerome Segal. (Per above, Jerome is the Bread & Roses socialist who is the first Democratic candidate to declare as a rival to Joe Biden for the D party’s 2024 presidential nomination.)
  7. An interview on TV Free Baltimore on YouTube.
  8. An interview on Ask the Politician on YouTube.
  9. A late 2021 Q&A with the Maryland State Bar Association on YouTube.
  10. A vignette of David at a community event in West Baltimore hosted by The Harlem Theater.
  11. David’s profile and responses to the questionnaire from Ballotpedia.
  12. Responses to the questionnaire from The Duckpin.
  13. Responses to the primaries questionnaire from The Baltimore Sun.
  14. Responses to the primaries questionnaire from The League of Women Voters (which responses the LWV declined to publish).
  15. Responses to the primaries questionnaire from The Bethesda Beat.

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